Savannah Postal Credit Union is a State-chartered credit union incorporated June 6, 1952. For more than 53 years we have existed solely for the purpose of serving our members' best interests. The credit union was originally established for employees of the United States Postal Service. Today we serve 10 employee groups in Savannah and the surrounding counties. We enable these employers and associations to offer their employees and associates all the benefits of credit union membership at no cost to their companies or associations. Credit Union membership is also available to immediate family members regardless of where they live or work.

Our "Mission Statement" is as follows:

Our Purpose is to provide quality products and services to our members that are mutually profitable to both the member and to the credit union, while insuring that sound financial policies are practiced.

The Board of Directors administers the credit union. These Directors are members of the credit union elected by the membership. Those who serve on the Board as well as the Committee Members are unpaid volunteers. The Board establishes the policies by which the credit union operates, and is responsible for making decisions with the members' and the credit unions' as a whole best interest in mind.

Savannah Postal Credit Union offers the utmost in security to our members and accounts are insured for up to $250,000.00 by NCUA, a U.S. Government agency.

We currently have more than 2600 members with assets of $19 million plus. As we continue to grow we strive to offer our members the best service and products possible with a concentrated effort on personal service. It is our hope that we will be able to offer credit union membership to more groups in the future.